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Hand Laser Hair Removal

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Removing hair from the area of hands using laser becomes more and more popular. There is more and more people wanting to get rid of hair from this part of the body – in the end hands say a lot about who we are. Check out our offer for hand laser hair removal and enjoy smooth skin!

Treatment duration: 20 minutes
Target: hand hair removal treatment

Why is it worth choosing Envie?

Lasting effect
Lasting effect
To ensure the best effect, we perform as many as 9 laser hair removal treatments
The most effective equipment
The most effective equipment
Certified SPEC3 Hybrid and LightSheer Diode Lasers
Security and professionalism
Security and professionalism
Qualified and experienced staff of Cosmetologists at your disposal
Save time and money
Save time and money
With the number of treatments, you preserve the effect of epilation and save more money

What area is covered by laser hair removal from hand area?

Are you wondering which areas will be covered by hand laser hair removal? In our beauty salons, the service covers top part of the hand – beginning from the wrist and ending at the finger tips. What about the bottom of the hand? Its structure resembles the heel of sole of feet, therefore no hair can naturally grow there – therefore there is no need for hair removal.

Painless hand laser hair removal
Laser removal of hair covering hands may be compared with the removal of hair from armpit area – both contain similar number of blood vessels and therefore are rather delicate. Therefore, you may expect certain kind of discomfort during the procedure, however the pain will not be as intense as during mechanical hair removal with wax or electric device.

Do you want to get rid of hair from this area of the body? Check out our rich offer of hands hair removal, today. Find a date that is suitable for you and make an appointment at!

Are you looking for the best beauty salon for hands hair removal?
Read about laser hair removal in our beauty salon and make an appointment!

Hands are one of the most eye-catching parts of the body. According to numerous different research we pay attention to hands just after we take a good look at a person’s face. Due to the fact that people with dark hair often develop hair on their hands, and in accordance with generally accepted aesthetic principle – hands should be smooth, the popularity of permanent hair removal with the use of laser hair removal has been growing.
In our beauty salon, the definition of the area of hands is that it begins at the wrist line and ends at the end of finger tips. Hair is removed from the top area of right and left hand. As a rule, the bottom part is not exposed to diode laser due to the fact that this area is covered with ordinary hair, the structure of which is similar to foot sole, where hair never grows.

The majority of clients who perform hand hair removal, in our beauty salons, are men. Men with brown and black hair, whose hair is stiff, thick and dark choose permanent removal of hand hair mainly due to hygienic reasons. During warm, summer days sweat stays on hairy hands for a longer time and in case of soiling the hands – dirt often gets to the hair and it is difficult to get rid of it.
Hand hair removal is performed relatively infrequently, however more and more people are interested in getting rid of the problem of removing the hair from this part of the body. Traditional methods of hair removal,quite often are not the best solution to the problem due to the relatively low effectiveness and short-lasting effect of the procedure resulting in hair growing back, and sometimes even painful in-growing hair. In case of hands this can be a really troublesome ailment.

In contrast with the popular, traditionally established hair removal methods, laser hair removal, which is a kind of innovation on the market of cosmetic services, is a perfect solution for persons wanting to get rid of dense, dark hair from the area of hands and fingers. Although it is not as delicate as armpit area, the tops of hands and fingers are rather sensitive, in practice this means that removing hair from this area of the body may be a panful experience. Laser hair removal – in contrast with certain mechanical methods of hair removal – is almost painless. That is why it is a perfect solution in case of this body part. Moreover, hair removal with the use of diode laser beam allows to obtain permanent effect of hair removal without the need to repeat any other hair removal treatment in the future, and at the same time allows to protect the surface of hands against chemical or mechanical procedures and means of hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the only permanent method of removing excessive hair, which is available on the market. Therefore, the method allows to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining smooth and hair-free surface. Many clients choose this solution having in mind not only the possibility of effectively getting rid of hair problem, but also because of the price aspect. Profit and loss account related to choosing diode laser method to remove excessive hair in all possible cases shows that laser hair removal is simply most cost effective.

Hands laser hair removal – when is it required?

Laser hair removal from the area of hands is most often used by men – to be more precise those with brown and black hair. Dark hair is often harder and thicker than light hair, therefore removing it with traditional methods may turn out to be time consuming and uncomfortable.

What is more, in case of hand hair removal treatment it is recommended not only for aesthetic but also hygienic reasons. It is enough to mention how difficult it is to thoroughly clean hands which are dirty after work.

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