Today smooth skin is not only the question of aesthetics but first of all the question of hygiene – especially in the case of thick, male hair. Laser hair removal for men is a perfect solution, in this case – the effect of smooth skin is long lasting and the procedure itself is safe and painless.

How to prepare yourself for laser hair removal? Are you wondering about how to prepare yourself for the session of laser hair removal?
The laser procedure will result in no complications if you comply with the following recommendations:
– for the period of 4 weeks, avoid direct exposition to sunlight or tanning;
– do not forget to moisturize the skin and hydrate the organism;
– for 2 weeks before the procedure, discontinue photosensitizing, painkilling and antidepressant medicines;
– avoid ointments containing retinol;
– for 4 weeks, do not remove hair with tweezers, wax or electric hair removal device;
– one day before laser procedure, thoroughly remove the hair with disposable razor blade.