Male SOFT Package

Hair growing on the neck, shoulders or back may cause a feeling of discomfort on a hot day. It may even make you lose your self-esteem. Those problems are easily avoided with the use of laser hair removal in the form of our Male SOFT Package. This is the most effective method of hair removal, which allows you to achieve the long-lasting effect of smooth skin.

£ 448
£ 750

Our package deals are designed to provide the best value to you. At Envie we offer 3 package deals for both men and women – SOFT, COMFORT and PREMIUM.

Each of our packages can be selected for individual single treatments or 6 treatments upfront. Most people need an average of 6 treatments to achieve the required results and each treatment is scheduled at 6 week intervals. One treatment alone will not provide the desired results. So why not save more and book a 6 treatment package deal.  Our best value package is our full body PREMIUM package with 6 treatments which will save you 70% overall! So book in with one of our professional clinics today and we will build your personalised schedule.


photo of man front and back shoulders back one treatment