Painless and long lasting hair removal. If you want a comprehensive treatment, use our Female PREMIUM Package covering the full body. Did you know that laser hair removal needs to take place over multiple sessions to be effective, on average, 6 sessions. One single treatment will not provide the desired effects. So why not choose one of our 6 treatment packages to save up to 70% overall, alternatively you can select a single treatment and book as you go.

£ 220
£ 570

Our package deals are designed to provide the best value to you. At Envie we offer 3 package deals for both men and women – SOFT, COMFORT and PREMIUM.

Each of our packages can be selected for individual single treatments or 6 treatments upfront. Most people need an average of 6 treatments to achieve the required results and each treatment is scheduled at 6 week intervals. One treatment alone will not provide the desired results. So why not save more and book a 6 treatment package deal.  Our best value package is our full body PREMIUM package with 6 treatments which will save you 70% overall! So book in with one of our professional clinics today and we will build your personalised schedule.


photo of woman front and back whole body