Hair removal from the area of armpits, calves and thighs as well as bikini is a daily routine for many women – smooth skin in these areas during the Summer season is almost a requirement. In order to remove the hair completely, choose laser hair removal. The Comfort Package is designed especially for women and you will save 10% with the COMFORT package single treatment.

Did you know you will need a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve the required results with laser hair removal. Each session should take place at a 6 week interval. Book an appointment with one of our professional clinics today

£ 220

Our package deals are designed to provide the best value to you. At Envie we offer 3 package deals for both men and women – SOFT, COMFORT and PREMIUM.

Each of our packages can be selected for individual single treatments or 6 treatments upfront. Most people need an average of 6 treatments to achieve the required results and each treatment is scheduled at 6 week intervals. One treatment alone will not provide the desired results. So why not save more and book a 6 treatment package deal. You can save up to 70% overall by booking ahead! Book in with one of our professional clinics today and we will build your personalised schedule.


photo of woman front and back legs and armpits one treatments