Feet hair removal

The hair growing on the top part of feet may be embarrassing to both women and men, especially if the hair is thick and dark. Why give up wearing open topped shoes and walking barefoot if you can take care of removing feet hair once and for all? It is easy – contact us to book a session of feet laser hair removal or book online.

£ 29
£ 45

Feet laser hair removal for women and men

Feet hair removal is designed for people whom:

  • struggle with ineffective methods of hair removal at home;
  • do not know which hair removal method to choose;
  • have allergic reactions to waxing strips or sugar paste;
  • worry about pustules caused by shaving with a razor blade;
  • want to remove the hair from the top part of their feet forever.


*Disclaimer: results after these treatments might differ from person to person


feet hair removal