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The unruly hair overgrowing the area just above the eyes, like a bush, robs many women of their sleep at night and is also problematic to some men. Its regulation usually consists in mechanical removal with tweezers or wax. Facial laser hair removal performed in our beauty salons, does not include eyebrow hair removal, due to the fact that laser light has a negative effect on the sight. It is worth to remember that the pupil of the eye takes on the black colour which is captured by the laser. In addition, there are melanin in the eye choroid which give colour to the iris. Therefore, the treatments using diode laser light should not be performed in the area around the eyes.

To ensure an aesthetic looks of the eyebrows it is worth to systematically regulate them using traditional methods. One of the most effective ways to get rid of hair in the area of eyebrows is threading. You can also use wax or sugar paste for eyebrow hair removal. It is good to remember that you should not shave hair in this area, because it can grow back in a stronger and strengthened form.

The cheapest method of eyebrow hair removal is plucking it with tweezers. Despite the fact that with this method hair is removed along with the hair root, this method is less permanent than the removal with the adhesive substances such as wax or sugar paste. It arises from the fact that hair grows in a different speed and it is difficult to notice all the hair during eyebrow hair removal by plucking individual pieces.