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Removing hair from lower parts of leg is for many women an integral part of everyday cosmetic and hygienic ritual. It becomes particularly significant during summer months, during which lower part of legs are often uncovered. Smooth and neat calves frequently make women proud, therefore hair removal procedures performed on this body areas are the most popular. In recent days the popularity of this procedure increases also in case of men who, for different reasons, decide to care for smooth skin also on their calves. In our beauty salons, calves hair removal covers the space below the lower line of the knee, ending the area of the thigh, and the tip of the toe together with the top surface of the feet.

Applied regularly, popular methods of hair removal consisting in mechanical or chemical removal of hair are not very effective, mainly due to the fact that their effects are short-lasting and difficult to measure. Modern hair removal method consisting in destroying internal structure of the hair with the diode laser beam constitutes a perfect alternative to a wide range of short-lasting hair removal methods. The basic advantage of this method is its long-lasting effect, what makes it a perfect solution in case of removing hair from calves, which belong to the parts of the body most often undergoing various hair removal treatments. Removing hair with the use of diode laser consists in performing a couple of treatment sessions, which will make the hair fall out completely and never grow back. The problems of excessive hair on calves and the need to continuously repeat the procedure will disappear once and for all. In case of these body parts, the area from which the hair is removed extends from the line of the knee up to the line of tibia, at the front as well as at the back of the calves. Customers with particularly delicate skin thinking of undergoing calves laser hair removal should take into account the fact that this method of removing excessive hair does not cause skin irritations, and the long-lasting effect of the treatment eliminates the need to use any other hair removal methods in the future.

Long-lasting effects of calves hair removal with the use of diode laser bring measurable benefits also in a financial aspect. Undergoing a laser hair removal on selected body part translates into significant saving resulting from elimination of any other hair removal treatments. That is why laser hair removal is a cost-effective solution and an investment which will quickly bring back its return.