Laser consultation and Ingrowing hairs

Deciding to go for laser hair removal can be an exciting time but you can also feel nervous and have many questions about its safety. You may have many questions relating to how safe a laser is on the skin. Laser hair removal technology does not attract the melanin in the skin the beam works on the melanin in the hair colour meaning the skin will not be impacted by the laser.

Laser hair removal offers a safe and effective treatment. Laser hair removal used within set protocols and with trained practitioners minimizes the risk of any adverse reactions. At Envie clinic, we follow our protocols and each staff member is highly trained and knowledgeable about laser.


A consultation is carried out on the very first visit. The consultation will help you understand the laser hair removal procedure, how long the sessions last, the number of sessions required. Not only you will learn about us and laser hair removal. We will also learn about you, your lifestyle, medical history and suitability to laser. The consultation process makes sure we understand your needs and requirements and that we can let you know of treatment packages available and expected results.

Patch test

A patch test will be carried out on the initial visit. The patch test will be done on the area to be treated so that you can feel the laser and feel the sensation. The patch tests also allow the therapist to see how your skin reacts to the laser.


At Envie, we are the laser hair removal specialists. Our specialism is Laser hair removal. We have set protocols and procedures to follow each treatment. Our laser hair removal machine provides comfort to the client. The built-in cooling technology helps cool down the skin every time the laser is on the skin. Additional cooling can also be used to make it more tolerable for those sensitive areas.


Our therapists have a vast knowledge of laser hair removal, the hair growth structure and working with different hair densities. The therapist will do all she can to provide you with optimum results. Any concerns you have can be discussed with the therapist to help guide your laser hair removal journey.

Your guide to finding the correct laser hair removal clinic

When deciding on laser hair removal it is always important that you select the correct clinic. I hear you say ‘how’? Yes, there are many clinics within every city of the UK. With new clinics emerging daily it can be difficult to decide which clinic is best for you.

This guide will help you:

  1. Talking – Speaking to friends and family who have undergone laser hair removal will help. They can guide you on what to expect. Family and friends can also let you know the expected results they have received.
  2. Price Comparison – It is always best to look at the clinics in your local area and compare prices. Laser hair removal is an investment in you, the prices should be relatively competitive between clinics. If the price is too low, then it may not offer the end results you seek. (Always remember it may be too good to be true).
  3. Location – The location of the clinic should also be within a reachable distance for you. You should also take into consideration parking outside the clinic. Some clinics have their own free car parks however most clinics are located within city centres where pay and display car parking is available.  
  4. Research – Research into the different types of lasers available on the market. A true laser has a coherent light meaning it is only one directional light, unlike the IPL systems which have a non-coherent light that scatters into many different directions.  The laser the clinic uses are CE marked, and FDA approved. Some companies can use lasers that are not CE marked and therefore confer to the British Regulations.
  5. Customer Service – First impression count. It is said that a first impression can be made within the first few minutes of meeting someone. Does the clinic have a professional vibe, are the practitioners knowledgeable? Are the practitioners able to answer your laser related questions with ease? How do the practitioners make you feel?
  6. Clinic – Clinics should be clean, tidy and dust-free. Your first instincts of the clinical areas are usually the best ones. If the clinic is clean and professional, it will most likely offer a good service. The things to look out for are the treatment cleanliness, are beds and equipment cleaned adequality. 

All these questions will help you decide if the clinic and customer care if there for you. Practitioners who are knowledgeable will be truthful about the sessions required and the amount of hair reduction which is to be expected. It is always best to do your research on the clinic and the brand. Knowing what types of laser, they use and how long the clinic has operated for can help you in deciding in the correct clinic to invest your money in.

Ingrown  Hair: How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs –

Ingrowing hairs can be caused by a number of reasons. The main reasons for ingrowing hairs can be waxing, plucking and even shaving. An ingrowing hair curls back under the skin and is unable to poke out through the skin, This can cause irritation on the skin, The ingrowing hairs can cause mild erythema and swell at the site of the ingrowing hair. Sometimes the area can get infected from the ingrowing hair which can be painful and red at the site of the ingrowing hair. Folliculitis is caused when the area surrounding the ingrowing hair is infected. 

Folliculitis is usually treated with antibiotics however this is when there are several ingrowing hairs that become infected. If there is just one hair follicle that appears infected under the skin, this can be left alone, and it will resolve by itself.

Oily or acne-prone skin can sometimes exacerbate the ingrowing hairs as the follicle gets clogged with oil which results in the hair not being able to poke through the skin. Coarse and curly hair can also cause ingrowing hair more frequently than people with finer and straight hair.

Ingrowing hair Symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Papules that appear inflamed and bumpy
  • Pustules appear red around the edges but are filled with pus and have a yellow head to them
  • Itchiness
  • Pain

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

  • You can prevent ingrowing hairs by following these steps:
  • Exfoliate the skin twice a week using a chemical exfoliant or a body scrub to help any ingrowing hair out of the skin.
  • Body brushing helps with circulation and also removes any dead skins which have not been shed. Removing the dead skin cells will help ease any ingrowing hairs out.
  • Using an AHA or BHA product that can contain active ingredients.
  • Shaving the correct way, glide the razor in the direction of hair growth.
  • Invest in better razors so that they are able to remove the hairs as close to the skin as possible.
  • If you are waxing, ensure the wax is removed in the direction of hair growth. 
  • Avoid dry shaving as this can impact the skin’s barrier and cause further irritation.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

You can decrease your chances of getting ingrown hair by avoiding waxing, plucking or epilating the area. 

Having laser hair removal. Investing in having a permanent hair reduction with laser hair removal can decrease your chances of ingrowing hairs. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle deep within the skin which is destroyed by laser resulting in thermal damage to the hair follicle. If the hair follicle is damaged this will help with the coarseness of the hair and prevent any further ingrowing hairs. Laser hair removal will not only give you a permanent reduction in hair growth it will also reduce the amount of time spent shaving and reduce the ingrowing hairs.