Why Laser Hair Removal?

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1. The answer to this question is simple

2. How long do women spend shaving during their lifetime?

The answer to this question is simple

  1. Razors remove the hair very superficially and everything grows back again after 1-3 days. So much time, so much money spent over the years for nothing!
  1. Wax is painful and the hair grows back between 10-15 days. If you want freedom by waxing, why do you need to grow your hair so only when it’s long enough you can remove it again? 
  2. If you feel pain while you pluck your eyebrows, imagine using tweezers to remove the hair of your underarms. No pain, no gain? Not the way to go!
  1. Laser hair removal treatment is painless, fast, cost-effective and takes away your unwanted hair so you don’t need to use any of the methods above every again.

How long do women spend shaving during their lifetime?

In 1 month an average woman shaves 12 times and spends about 10.9 minutes on each shave – ps.: that’s if we include only the legs. When we put together all these minutes, it’s about 72 full days of shaving! Not to mention that in a lifetime, a woman can shave about 7,700 times. The whole laser hair removal treatment can be performed in less than 10 months and you can treat your whole body with each session. Laser can save you time and money! 

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