When will I start to see results?

Are you thinking of laser hair removal? Are you currently fed up with shaving and waxing?

If the answer is yes, then we have an alternative for you. Laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction to hair growth. The laser beam targets the chromophore of melanin within the hair bulb. The laser beam causes thermal damage to the hair bulb resulting in a permanent reduction. Laser hair removal is used to reduce unwanted hair. Laser hair removal offers an alternative to shaving, waxing and epilating.  Almost all body areas can be treated with laser hair removal with the exception of around the eyes and any tattooed areas of the body.


Before commencing a course of laser hair removal, a full consultation will be carried out. The consultation is highly important, and it is very important that you answer all questions as accurately as you can. The consultation will consist of information on laser hair removal, medical, health and lifestyle questions. Any medications that you are taking must be listed and discussed with the therapist at your consultation. Following the consultation a patch test will be performed which will enable you to get a feel of the laser and what you should expect.

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A minimum course of 6-12 sessions is recommended to gain optimum results.  Each visit up to 20-30% of hairs are targeted. This is due to the hair being in the anagen growth phase which is the active growth phase where the laser targets the hair root. Hence the reason why 6-12 sessions are needed to gain the most out of laser hair removal. 

Following the First session:

Following the first session the hairs may appear back within a few days. This is perfectly normal as these hairs were already in the hair follicle at the time of the first session. You can shave after 2-3 days after your first session if you like. Some people have said they have had hair shedding, fall out and even patchy areas after their first session. However we advise at least by the third session for you to see the results. The hairs will become finer, patchier and you will spend less time shaving.

Skincare after the sessions:

We recommend exfoliating the area either one week before the treatment or one week after the treatment. Exfoliating will help remove any dead skin cell build up, help reduce excessive sebaceous activity and reduce the amount of ingrown hair which appears under the skin.

Avoiding saunas and steam rooms for 3-4 days before and after treatment as the area treated if already subjected to the thermal energy of the laser and this may cause excessive heat in the area after treatment.

Use SPF on all exposed areas all year around. UV rays are present even in winter months where there may be very little sun. SPF protects the skin from getting damaged by the UV rays.

Keep the area hydrated, apply moisturisers to the area to keep the skin barrier intact.

Hair removal should be stress free, laser hair removal gives you a permanent hair reduction resulting in hair free skin.