The Negatives of Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal is very much in demand within every city, town and country. Laser hair removal should be carried out by a highly trained laser therapist. The understanding and knowledge the laser therapists knows will guide your journey with laser hair removal. Whilst laser hair removal provides long lasting results it can also have adverse reactions.

Many of the adverse reactions from laser hair removal are only temporary usually resolve within a few hours but sometimes they can take longer.

Erythema / Irritation – The laser beam targets the melanin within the hair bulb. The laser beam therefore penetrates the skin at a deeper level to be able to shrink the hair bulb which in turn results in thermal damage to the follicles. Erythema after a laser treatment is a normal reaction to the laser. The erythema can be treated by a cold compress or aloe vera gel which will help calm the skin. 

Folliculitis – Folliculitis can occur which results in redness and bumps around the surface area of the hair which has been targeted by the laser beam. This is due to the hair follicles being disrupted by the laser. The erythema and folliculitis usually resolves within 48 hours after treatment and is not a cause for concerns. Cold compresses work to cool the area down and natural aloe vera will also help with the inflamed follicles. 

Pigmentation – hypo or hyper pigmentation can occur after laser hair removal. Please do not be alarmed as this will gradually decrease over time and there is no need for any ointments to be used on the skin. Any pigmentation changes will resolve within a few days and the skin will be back to the normal colour.

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Severe Adverse Reactions

Blisters / Burns – Blisters / Burns can occur after laser hair removal, this is usually through misuse of the laser settings, not following the protocol and having untrained staff.  Burns are usually a result of having unqualified staff or staff who have no background knowledge of laser. Rest assured all the Staff at Envie clinics are trained and qualified to the highest standards. The Hybrid Spec 3 laser has the latest cooling technology built into the laser head. This makes the treatments more tolerable and comfortable for the client. Many of our clients say all they feel is a warm sensation during their laser hair removal session.

There are many ways in which we can avoid any adverse reactions to the laser hair removal treatment. Please speak to your therapist if you have any changes. Please see guidance below:

  • Please inform the therapist of any Vitamin A , Isotretinoin and Roaccutane use.
  • Any areas that have been tanned, exposed to the sun and any use of fake tan or sunbeds
  • Changes to lifestyle
  • Any new medication
  • If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Any injectable treatments in the area to be treated
  • Use of steroid creams
  • Having Chemical peels
  • Any antibiotic use – the length of time on antibiotics

Speak openly to our therapists about any changes in lifestyle, medication or sun exposure. All information shared with the therapist is highly confidential. We are here to help and to give you the best experience from the laser hair removal journey. Remember we are with you on this journey together.

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