IPL or Laser Hair Removal

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1. IPL VS Laser Fact Files

When considering hair removal with IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light or laser hair removal it may be confusing. Both IPL and laser hair removal both offer a permanent hair reduction. The main reason you are looking for hair removal is for a permanent reduction which is less time consuming for you.

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Laser hair removal works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis which has the chromophore of melanin within the hair follicle and not the skin. Thus leading to better penetration, chromophore as the target range and leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Both laser and IPL are different wavelengths, hence the penetration of IPL is lower compared to laser. Laser hair removal uses a  coherent and non-divergent light which means the laser light only targets the hair follicle within the skin.

IPL uses many wavelengths ranging from 650nm. The IPL light is non coherent and divergent meaning the light rays scatter everywhere and are not just limited to the hair follicle. IPL is not classed as a laser due its broad spectrum of light.

The above image details a visual source of how IPL and Laser different. The penetration of the wavelength from a laser is more targeted and penetrated deeper compared to the IPL system. 

IPL VS Laser Fact Files

Overall within the our IPL vs Laser comparison, laser is more effective it  penetrates deeper into the hair follicle targeting the hair bulb for better and longer lasting results. Don’t take our word for it book in for  free consultation and let the results speak for themselves.