Bikini Laser hair removal

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1. Which one will you choose?

Which one will you choose?

You must be wondering why we are asking this. Well, there are different types of bikini laser that we offer: Hollywood, Brazilian and normal bikini lines. Each type is suited to the individual, how much or less you want lasered is totally up to you. The bikini area is very delicate and sensitive. Shaving, waxing, epilating and hair removal creams can all be too harsh on the bikini area. This can lead to ingrowing hairs (Ouch! no one wants this), folliculitis, shaving rash, itching, and stinging. All these symptoms are experienced with everyday hair removal techniques. Laser is gentle on the area as the laser works by attracting the pigment in hair, so the surrounding area of the bikini is not harmed in any way.

Sessions: Recommended 6-12 sessions for optimum results
Frequency: 4 -6 weekly
How to prepare: Just shave before your laser hair removal

I hear our clients ask about how they should prepare for your bikini laser. The simple answer is to shave the night before as this will reduce any shaving irritation experience and your skin on the bikini area will be ready for the laser session.

How long will the session last? Depending on the type of bikini you chose it can last 20-35 minutes for each session.

Therapist role: The therapist will clean the area before beginning the laser and will ask at intervals for your comfort levels. This is a very important factor for laser so please be open with your therapist. We want you to have the best outcomes with laser.

Hollywood Bikini: Hollywood laser is the most popular. The whole bikini area is lasered along with the extended bikini known as the peri anal. Do not be shy as the therapist will make you feel comfortable and the laser session will be over before you know it.

Brazilian: Most of the bikini area is lasered just like the Hollywood but you may keep a triangle of hair which you don’t want removed. This will be avoided in the session. This also includes the peri anal area.

Normal Bikini: The sides outside your underwear are lasered as well as the top of the bikini and the area on the inside of your thighs.

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Whatever your preference for the bikini type you prefer we have a solution for all. So why not book in and see for yourself.

Let’s say Hello to bikini laser and Bye to the endless hours of shaving!