All to do with Laser Hair Removal

We have all been there spending endless hours in the shower shaving our legs. Those early morning wake-ups just so we can shave. The panic and rush when we go away on holiday to book in for our wax appointment or to make sure we have enough razors packed in our suitcase. Time is precious so why do we waste it on shaving.

The process of laser hair removal may be easier than you think. This fact file from consultation to treatment courses and packages will put your mind at ease.

The easy steps to long-lasting hair removal:


The first step is always the most daunting similar to any new experience such as your first leg wax or bikini wax.  The consultation process is designed to answer your questions, fill in your details, letting us know about any medication, lifestyle and health conditions. We know you can feel nervous about your consultation, however, the therapist will help and guide you throughout the process. The initial visit will guide you through your laser journey. Pre and post-care. What you need to avoid during your laser hair removal journey. The therapist will go through a skin typing questionnaire which will enable us to select the correct protocol of settings for your skin type. The first visit will go into detail about the laser hair removal, how it works, how many sessions and the areas that you want the laser hair removal for. 

Once the first stage of lifestyle, medical and health questions has been discussed and filled out. The next stage will be the therapist guiding you through the patch test. The patch test will give you a feel for the laser and what to expect. Many clients are nervous as they do not know what sort of pain it will be. We have all heard the stories of laser hair removal being so painful. The laser hair removal machine at our 369 Laser Clinics is virtually pain-free. The added cooling within the laser head is there to give the clients comfort and make the treatments more tolerable. The most a client will feel with the laser is a warm sensation. During the patch test, the therapist will ask you about your pain tolerance/comfort levels ranging from 1-10. 1 is totally pain-free whilst 10 is very painful. The area to be patch tested will be cleansed and a gel will be applied to able the laser to glide smoothly. The therapist will let you know when the laser machine will start working at this point you may just feel the cold laser head followed by the warm sensation. The therapist will test a small area and will look for any reactions. Reactions are very rare hence the reason we do a patch test before the treatment.


Packages of treatments will be discussed with your therapist. There are various packages designed to suit your needs and requirements. A single session can take place if you have previously had laser hair removal previously or just want a top-up session. If you are completely new to laser hair removal is usually the best option for you. Courses of laser are sold in 6 treatments and then the therapist will assess the hair growth and hair follicles. 

Treatment Sessions:

Each session the therapist will ask you to shave the area the night before the treatment. This allows the skin to settle from the irritation of shaving. It is also best to avoid any deodorants, lotions or body creams on the day of the session. An ongoing medical consent will be agreed upon each session just to make sure there are no contraindications to the treatment. The session will be booked in advance and your next sessions can be booked with the therapist at the end of your first treatment session. 

Sessions are booked every 4-6 weeks to allow the hair growth cycle to complete. Exfoliating the skin can be performed either one week before the treatment or one week after the session. This allows the surface of the skin to be in optimum condition for laser hair removal treatment. We recommended SPF 30 minimum for all exposed areas.

If any new medications are commenced, or any treatment creams have been prescribed please let the therapist know before your session. 

For women during the menstrual cycle, we are unable to perform bikini laser hair removal treatment, if you have other areas booked as well, you are still able to attend for those areas and the bikini can be rebooked once your menstrual cycle finishes.

The highly trained and knowledgeable therapists are here to guide you on the laser hair removal journey. Please ask any questions you have, and the therapists are more than happy to help.

Is Laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after non-surgical treatments within the aesthetics industry. Laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair growth; however, it cannot be classed as permanent hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is usually purchased in packages as a single treatment may target some of the hair follicles during one session, however, only a certain amount of hair will be in the active growth phase known as the anagen hair growth cycle. Having a package of 6-12 laser hair removal sessions, you can get up to 80-90% of hair reduction. Each session will target the hundreds of hair follicles within the skin that are in the active growth phase. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, it is impossible to know which hair follicles are in the active phase and which are in the resting phase. This is the reason why the treatment packages are recommended with 6 -12 as a minimum.

Laser hair removal works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis which will have a chromophore meaning the target within the skin. For laser hair removal the target is the melanin with the hair follicle. The laser penetrates the skin causing thermal damage to the hair follicle the surrounding skin is not impacted in any way resulting in slower regrowth and finer hair.


Results can vary from person to person, this has several factors which include the skin type, hair density, medical conditions, medications, and the client’s background. Laser hair removal is suitable for all Fitzpatrick’s skin types. Some people will see results sooner, whilst others may see results on their 5or 6 sessions. Some clients may need more sessions than others this all depends on different factors. Following a course of 6-12 sessions, the hair growth will be slower, hair will be finer, the skin will be smoother and most importantly it will reduce the amount of time spent shaving.

Medication and Health conditions: 

These will be discussed within your initial consultation with the therapist. The therapist will go through any existing health conditions and medications within the medical history section of your consultation. It is important to give accurate information during the process. For any health condition such as PCOS and Hirsutism, the therapist will give you information on how the laser will work, how many sessions will be required and discuss the realistic expectations from laser hair removal.


Treatment packages will be recommended as 6-12. After the initial 6-12 sessions maintenance treatments will be required to keep up with the treatment’s effectiveness. This all depends on the client’s results and expectations. The maintenance treatments will help you stay hair-free for longer. Top up treatments may be between 1-3 times a year however this is assessed on an individual basis.


Our highly trained therapists will conduct a visual assessment of the treated area during each session. The visual assessments allow the therapist to assess the area and make further recommendations for maintenance treatments of top-up. Each session the therapist will work to the advanced protocol setting we have in place to enable you to get the best results from your package of laser hair removal.

In short laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction resulting in slower regrowth and finer hair. Laser hair removal is a leading treatment in aesthetics with many satisfied clients.