Skincare and Self-Care

Skincare and self-care can go hand in hand with one another. When we feel good about ourselves, our skincare routine will be good, and this will show on our skin. However, we all have very busy lifestyles, we are rushing from work to home, we may have a young family that takes up our time and we often forget about ourselves. Self-care is the most important step to gaining beautiful radiant skin. Stress and anxiety can speed up the ageing process and as per the telomere’s theory, each telomere will only divide a certain number of times due to reactive oxygen species before the cell reaches its maximum mutations which lead to cell death. This is when the cell is no longer functioning which can have a detrimental impact on the skin.

Which of us would not like to have a smooth and radiant complexion? Unfortunately, not all of us can boast about beautiful skin, especially when we are not wearing makeup. Contrary to appearances, however, achieving the desired effect is not as difficult as it may seem. Check out ways to get a smooth complexion straight from an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner. Smooth skin doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore. Look at the advice from a specialist that will help you achieve spectacular results. They are not as difficult to implement as you might think. All you need is a little attention and enthusiasm. Smooth skin does not happen overnight it is a part of regular skincare and generating overall skin health. There is no single, perfect method to make your skin perfect, smooth, and radiant. This does not mean, however, that you cannot achieve even spectacular successes. You just need to make a little effort and, above all, act systematically. 

Regularity above all We have already mentioned this, but we will emphasize it again. Your skin is unlikely to suddenly become smooth. Perhaps after one high-quality beauty treatment in a clinic, it will look better, but without regularity, you will not achieve permanent results. Regular good quality skincare, diet and lifestyle changes all add to having a better skin complexion. You need to set yourself up for regular actions. However, this does not mean a huge effort. It’s important to get started, and over time specific activities will become a habit. And that’s it! 

  1. Systematic examinations, a healthy diet and drinking water Did you know that the appearance of your skin tells about your health? If your complexion does not look its best – maybe the reason is in your body. Go to your primary care physician who should order the appropriate tests. Take care of yourself from the inside out – eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water. You will notice the effects over time. It is not for nothing that diet specialists repeat the phrase, “You are what you eat.” This sentence may seem very cliché, but it is one hundred per cent true. 
  2. Your skin doesn’t like stimulants Do you want your skin to be smooth and beautiful? Avoid stimulants. Smoking cigarettes has a very negative effect on the body from the inside, and thus – also from the outside. Nicotine is the main cause of dull skin. What about alcohol? It is also not conducive to your complexion. It can accelerate aging and increase acne inflammation. In addition, it dehydrates your body, which not only takes away your beauty, but also your well-being. Put the stimulants aside, and with time you will find that it was a great decision. We provide! 
  3. Physical activity always yes! Try to ensure adequate oxygenation of your body. Physical activity will surely help you with this. You don’t like sports? You don’t want to move? Relax! Today you have a lot of different types of sports to choose from. You will surely find the perfect one for you. Remember that it’s not about very intense workouts in the pool or gym. A simple walk is enough. It is important that physical activity takes place regularly. 
  4. Sleep 7-8 hours a day Unfortunately, too little sleep is a syndrome of our time. Work, home, children, and a lot of other duties prevent us from going to bed early. And this has a very negative impact on our health and, of course, the appearance of the skin. Remember that melatonin, which is very important for our body, is produced during sleep. It is responsible for the regeneration of the body, and therefore of the skin. 
  5. Less stress Stress less! Easy to say, harder to do? Indeed, but at least try it. Today we have a wealth of information on relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Stretch, do yoga, spend as much time as possible in nature, take a walk – there are plenty of options. You will see that your complexion will repay you over time! 
  6. Do not expose your skin to the sun The sun, is much needed for our life, can also harm us. Therefore, do not expose your skin to the sun on purpose, as it will be exposed to the harmful effects of rays. Effect? Accelerated aging processes. Also use cosmetics with a filter all year round, regardless of the season! – choose high-quality ones, preferably with the most natural composition. 
  7. Proper care above all Take care of your skin every day. Choose the methods according to the condition and needs of your skin. Not sure how to do it? You are not fully aware which cosmetics will work in your case? Go for a consultation at a cosmetology office. There you will get professional help and advice. Ways to smooth the skin on the face – conscious care What should conscious skin care look like? Don’t forget about cosmetics! Buy products of skincare that are high quality with active ingredients. These active ingredients helps nourish the skin; they give the skin the correct amount of what the skin is lacking. For example, if your skin needs hydrations, choose products with hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C if your skin is looking dull and tired. Vitamin C will help brighten the skin. Most of all remember that skin needs get used to products with active ingredients. This can take 2-3 week to preserve with these products. 

Remove dead skin cells from the  epidermis which can brighten the skin instantly. However, remember not to use the peeling too often. 1-2 a week is enough, unless the cosmetologist recommends otherwise; – face cream – this cosmetic seems obvious. Most likely everyone will use a face cream , but not everyone has focused on quality in its case and not everyone uses it in the right way (i.e., on a cleansed skin – this is key!). Choose the cream to suit your face type, e.g., dry, combination or oily. Change your facial moisturiser 2 a year get a suitable one for the summer months and a nourishing one for the winter months when the skin is dry. Choose masks suited to your skin type, e.g., if you have acne-prone skin, check the specifics with cleansing and antibacterial substances; – powder and concealer – a smooth face is also the result of appropriate makeup. 

Changing your daily habit of skincare such as incorporating the correct products and having a regular routine will help aid the smooth complexion. Choose high-quality products also suited to your skin type. Also, do not use them excessively and, if there is no need, also not every day. Smooth skin on the body and face as you can see, achieving smooth skin on the face is not a great philosophy. Use similar treatments for the whole body. For the body the products may be slightly stronger as the skin on the face is very delicate. If you have sensitive skin always speak to your dermatologist first before trying out new products.