Protecting your skin during summer time

Table of Contents

1. Sun Exposure 

2. UV Rays

3. Ways to protect the Skin

Sun Exposure 

The weather has certainly made an impact on our mood this time around. We feel more cheerful, happy and full of positive vibes. The sun can uplift our mood however we need to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays which can cause age spots, ageing and upset the skin barrier by causing burning.

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UV Rays

UVA and UVB are both the ultraviolet A and B rays present within the sun. UVA contributes to the ageing process and can age you quicker due to being in the sun for longer periods without the adequate protection. UVB can cause the skin to burn and we are more likely to catch the UVB rays through the car windows, glass building and home conservatories.

Ways to protect the Skin

Did you know that a tan is the result of the skin protecting you from the harmful UV rays. The UV rays are present all the time even in winter months the UV rays can still damage the skin. The importance of wearing SPF 30+ and above is to protect the skin from burning, ageing and skin changes at cellular level.

  • Avoid being exposed to the sunlight when the sun is at its hottest such as 11am till 3pm
  • Sit in the shade, wear light clothing and wear a sun hat to protect you.
  • Always wear a minimum of  SPF30 or higher  on all exposed areas.

Whether you shave, wax or laser areas on your body that are exposed to the sun it is imperative that you are always wearing sunscreen to protect your skin.  A layer of a good quality sunblocker protects you from pigmentation, age spots and the harmful UV rays which is why it is very important to be using sun protection of minimum 30 SPF when having laser treatments.

If you have been away on holiday and have an active tan it is safe to delay the laser until the tan has gradually decreased  Envie clinics recommend a 4 week waiting period before having a laser treatment; this will prevent any hypo or hyper pigmentation.