Laser Hair Removal Devices – Which One Is The Best?

Table of Contents

1. The wavelength and the effectiveness of hair removal treatment

2. Which laser is best for me?

The primary principle behind laser technology is the Selective PhotoThermoLysis (abbreviated SPTL), which is the ability to target specific structures using a specific wavelength. In hair removal treatments, for example, the laser targets the hair follicle (which is melanin based) while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Over time, the hair follicle is destroyed, preventing hair growth and regeneration. Many different devices are currently available in the market claiming to be the best, but it is vital to choose the right technology for your skin type.

The wavelength and the effectiveness of hair removal treatment

Although, the effectiveness of the Laser hair removal is to some extent influenced by the individuals’ skin type, hair colour and hair growth phase, the overall effectiveness of the treatment is primarily determined by laser’s wavelength and the duration of its pulse. Due to the fact that hair follicle can be reached even at a depth of 5 mm, it is generally assumed that the longer is the light wave, better are the results. The desired laser beam should have wavelengths between 700 and 1000 nm. Hair removal devices with lower parameters (such as IPL devices) can overload the surrounding skin with excessive light doses resulting in temporary hair reduction.

Which laser is best for me?

Diode lasers  are known for its ideal wavelengths (810 nm) and their additional parameter, namely extended duration of the pulse enhance their effectiveness as it allows to carry out the procedure on individuals with a higher skin phototype (dark skins) without causing burns. The diode laser LightSheer Desire™ by Lumenis allows you to remove all the hair from any area of ​​the body. Thanks to faster skin cooling, there is no risk of developing burns or experiencing strong level of pain, ensuring a very high level of comfort and safety during the procedure. Lumenis has been pioneering energy based solutions for over 50 years, so you can be sure of the technology behind the LightSheer Desire.

The device includes two advanced handpieces that can be used depending on the patient’s needs. The LightSheer High Speed handpiece uses breakthrough vacuum assisted technology in combination with diode laser light to allow quick and comfortable hair removal from large areas of the body. Male back or full legs treatment can be done in 15 to 20 minutes, without the need of applying numbing creams neither prior cooling. This technology allows an easy treatment on individuals with darker complexions and sensitive skin. The LightSheer Desire is also equipped with a gold standard LightSheer ET™ handpiece with ChillTip®cooling system for treatments on small areas, greatly reducing the risk of burns of discomfort which may be caused by overheating the skin. 

Before you decide to start your laser hair removal treatment, it is worth to pay attention in certain details:

  • Old devices – An efficient laser device ensures a visible effect right after the first session, where 30% of hair reduction can be noticed. In order to achieve permanent hair reduction, the treatment has to be repeated – between 6 to 10 times. Unfortunately, some beauty salons are equiped with old devices and the result of this malpractice is that the treatment is far less effective and dangerous. So, don’t be afraid to ask if the technology you are using is the latest.
  • “Zero pain” (false advertisement) – Laser treatments are often known as painful, but the newest technologies had considerably improved the comfort level, so patients can experience only mild tingling to stinging or even pinching. In case of individuals with darker hair, the pain might be stronger. If you read somewhere that laser treatment is pain free, be careful because you might be fooled.
  • Laser brand – The name of the manufacturer and the model of the Laser hair removal device is a sign of quality. Information about the latest products, techniques and maybe even Q&As should always be available. It is always worth to visit the websites and ask for certificates.
  • Experts advice (Physician / Laser therapist) – Laser therapist will select the most suitable treatment for each individual. The knowledge gained from both clinical experience and research allows Laser Therapists to develop special procedures, in cooperation with manufactures of the products, in order to achieve the best, and the most effective result. ALWAYS search for trusted and certified beauty salons with highly qualified staff.

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