Laser guidelines

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1. Laser hair removal at home

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after non-surgical and non-invasive treatments in the aesthetics industry today. Laser hair removal provides a permanent reduction of unwanted hair. In order for it to be safe, you need not only professional equipment, but also a highly qualified specialist.

Are you interested in laser hair removal treatment? Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular method that provides amazing results. Laser hair removal is the only treatment that can offer a permanent reduction of unwanted hairs. Although it is not a very invasive procedure, it must take place in a reputable place. Laser hair removal should be carried out by trained and qualified therapists and aesthetic practitioners.

Today we will focus on laser therapists. What qualifications and experience should they have? What are the rights for laser hair removal? Having a highly trained therapist will not only give you peace of mind it will also give you the confidence that the laser hair removal is of high quality and high standard.

The goal of each laser hair removal procedure is to permanently reduce unwanted hair from the body – most often from the thighs, intimate areas or armpits. This method is used primarily by women, but more and more men are also interested in it. Smooth skin is, of course, the main goal of the treatment, but you can not forget about safety. Laser hair removal machines at a professional level offer a high-quality service however if the incorrect clinic or unqualified therapist is used then these procedures can also carry their own risks such as burns, skin reactions and even electrical fire hazards.

The choice of the clinic where the laser hair removal procedure will be carried out is crucial. Today we will find many such places. There are many companies and businesses that offer laser hair removal which can be relied upon however there are also some unprofessional clinics that do not use certified laser hair removal machinery and unqualified staff which can result in adverse reactions and also will have a cost implication to the client. The client will not gain the desired results that they expect. At Envie clinic, we use the best quality and standard lasers and all our aesthetic therapists are trained to a very exceptional standard. The safety of our clients is at the forefront of Envie Clinics. Before each laser therapy, the patient has an appointment with a specialist. During the consultation, the laser therapist checks the condition of the skin, evaluates it and asks questions about health.

Medical history is very important because it ultimately decides whether the client can proceed to have the treatment. There is a list of contraindications that allow the therapist to work through to advise the client of suitability and unsuitability to laser hair removal. Some contraindications can include past cancers, infections, skin problems, taking certain medications, pregnancy, lactation period or tan. By choosing clinics such Envie clinics you can be assured that you will get the best possible advice by the therapist with regards to your suitability for laser hair removal.

The procedure itself is also very professional. The patient is informed exactly how to prepare for the procedure. It is necessary, among other things, to avoid exposure to the sun for at least 4 weeks before treatment or drugs and photosensitizing herbs such as St Johns Wart . Just before the procedure, the client should shave a part of the body that will be treated with laser hair removal treatment. The skin must be clean, without creams or other preparations. The treatment time is dependant on the area that you are having treated. However the lastest technology within the SPEC 3 Hybrid machine provides 3 wavelengths in one machine. This state of the art technology allows Envie to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types 1- 6. Treatment time can be as less as 20 minutes for underarms including ongoing consent and aftercare advice.

Laser hair removal can be carried out by aesthetic therapist who have been trained in laser hair removal and who also have the knowledge and understanding of the hair growth cycle and how the laser works. This is essential knowledge along with many other qualifications which our therapists are qualified to.

However, when the first ever  laser hair removal machines were invented, laser hair removal procedures were carried out mainly by doctors and nurses. This was primarily due to little knowledge of this method. At that time, lasers and other light sources were not as well studied as they are today. Treatments often caused complications in the form of irritation, erythema or burns. They were all very painful and uncomfortable. Specialists then used anaesthetics and even anaesthesia.

When looking for a laser hair removal clinic always look at the professionalism of the clinic. The therapist and the knowledge the therapist has. The therapist should be able to answer your questions with ease. The therapist should also be able to explain and help you understand the concepts of laser hair removal. Advise and guide you with regards to the treatment sessioins required and the timining of the sessions. As well as providing sound aftercare and pre care advice.

If you have doubts whether the person performing laser hair removal has the appropriate qualifications, you have the right to ask about them. Do this before starting a series of treatments. Ask for information, preferably supported by evidence (diplomas, certificates), confirming the person’s eligibility to perform such procedures. In a professional place there will be no problem with transparency. Remember that this is not only about the effects (smooth skin for years), but above all your safety. Do not put your health in the hands of unprofessional people. Always remember if you are in doubt about the clinic you can always rebook and go again without any commitments.

Laser hair removal at home

And what about the safety of laser hair removal at home? This type of treatment is becoming more and more popular. Is it really possible to use this method yourself? 

Laser hair removal devices at home can be used independently as much as possible. Home methods and those carried out in a professional office work similarly. In a clinic setting, the laser emits a light wavelength of a certain frequency, which penetrates deep into the hair and removes its matrix. It hits it very precisely, without damaging other tissues. The treatment is very thorough and allows you to achieve lasting effects. However, it can only be carried out by a qualified person.

When performing laser hair removal at home, the so-called IPL technology is used. IPL epilators use pulsating light with waves of different lengths. However, it does not have the ability to destroy the hair matrix – it only weakens it. The effects are therefore not as desirable as in the case of professional laser hair removal. To enjoy smooth skin, you need to use this method more often.

The most important things to remember are that the clinic must be professional, clean and tidy. Cleanliness and hygiene are at the forefront of Envie clinics. All our clinic rooms are deep cleaned after every client. The treatment couch is wiped down with antibacterial medical grade wipes ensuring it is cleansed to a high standard. The laser machine is also cleaned in between each area, a spatula will be used to apply the gel there is no double dipping of the gel. Laser gel bottles provides the most hygiene alternative to traditional laser gel boxes which can harbour germs. The therapist and the knowledge of laser hair removal. The management of time, level of customer service and how your initial thought was.

If you follow the guidelines in this blog you will soon be at the correct laser hair removal clinic.