How soon after c section can I do laser hair removal?

Table of Contents

1. Caesarean scar – give yourself time.

2. Caesarean scar – disturbing symptoms.

3. Laser hair removal and caesarean scar.

4. What about laser hair removal?

5. Laser hair removal and caesarean scar – summary.

New moms who have recently had a caesarean section usually want to get back in shape very quickly. They dream of an attractive and… smooth body. This blog will tell you whether laser hair removal is possible in this case.

After childbirth, including in the form of a caesarean section, many women want to get back in shape and their care habits as soon as possible. In most cases, however, this cannot be done quickly. The body and mind need time. Therefore, the most important advice from us – do not to accelerate anything! Don’t compare yourself to others. Some women quickly get back in shape, others need more time. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to. What about the scar from a caesarean section? This one will remain and will be for you a beautiful symbol of your motherhood. You will be able to remove it with laser therapy, and if you do not decide on this type of treatment, then nothing terrible! You can live with a scar and soon you will stop paying attention to it. What about laser hair removal? Although the caesarean section scar symbolises the new life you have brought into the world and is a cause for celebration. We must not forget about the new mom. The new mom will be tired, exhausted, and encountering sleepless nights. 

Before you know it your baby will be in a routine, you will get time for yourself and be able to think about your new journey as a mother. You will want to have time for yourself and book beauty treatments or spa treatments for relaxation. You will also want to spend less time worrying about shaving and more time for yourself and your family time.

Caesarean scar – give yourself time.

Caesarean section is most often performed when it is not possible to carry out a natural birth, e.g. due to the mother’s illness or obstetric contraindications (e.g. the baby may not be in the correct position). Many years ago the caesarean section was performed vertically, today it is only horizontal. Its length depends, on the size or weight of the child. It is usually from 10 to 15 centimetres. The width of the scar itself is in the range of 2-3 mm.

Nowadays, most scars from caesarean sections are not particularly visible. This does not change the fact that they require a lot of attention. Mainly because the specialist performing the procedure cuts during childbirth not only the subcutaneous tissue but also the transverse fascia of the abdomen and uterus. The inner seams dissolve for several weeks – this is the period when you should especially take care of yourself. What is worth remembering then? Here are some tips:

  • the scar should be covered with a dressing,
  • the scar cannot be soaked, if this happens, the dressing should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible,
  • after 2-3 days it is worth removing the dressing so that the wound heals faster (through the supply of fresh air),
  • do not use oppressive underwear, disposable postpartum panties are recommended,
  • according to the doctor’s instructions, the wound should be cleaned according to the doctor’s instructions (usually by washing it water several times a day).

Caesarean scar – disturbing symptoms.

Pain or discomfort after a caesarean section are completely normal symptoms. You have to give yourself time to recover. After all, it is a postoperative scar – healing of the wound can take up to two months. However, if you feel anxious, e.g. due to increasing pain or swelling, go to the doctor. It may turn out that there has been an infection.

When else is it worth considering going to a specialist? If the pain does not pass after 6 weeks or if you feel a thickening after menstruation has already appeared, check it. Perhaps there have been foci of endometriosis and then treatment will be needed.

Even if the wound has healed, take care of it. The scar after the caesarean requires care and attention, which prevents tissue overgrowth. In the first weeks after the procedure, avoid lifting and walking up the stairs. Wait before returning to physical activity – consult this issue with your doctor.

Laser hair removal and caesarean scar.

Hair removal after C- section– is it possible? When it comes to standard hair removal, e.g. with wax or razor, this is possible. Of course, we are talking about removing hair from places not covered by the scar, e.g. from the intimate zone. Besides, the place with the scar rarely requires hair removal as a standard. Caesarean section takes place above the uterus and the place where the hair grows. It may happen that the cut will overlap the pubic hair – in some women it may be in the line of the postoperative wound. It is also worth paying attention to the wound area – the skin in this place is particularly sensitive. It is not recommended to depilate with wax – sooner with a cream (if not sensitizing) or a standard razor.

Many specialists, however, recommend refraining from hair removal for the postpartum period, i.e. for 6 weeks. The body returns to normal after pregnancy, and the wound heals. For your own safety and comfort, it is better to hold off. However, this is not excluded. In case of doubt, it is worth consulting a specialist – he will know our case best.

What about laser hair removal?

Let’s start with the question of whether scars on the body can be a contraindication to laser hair removal? The laser should not be applied to places that are covered with scars. The scars themselves, however, in many cases do not contradict the procedure. However, it is difficult to definitively determine whether a given scar will be a contraindication or not.

However, scarred areas can be bypassed and depilated areas on the body without scars, covered with hair. However, the procedure should then (as in any other case) be carried out by an experienced specialist. Let’s say you have a scar from a caesarean section or, for example, a scar on your calf and you want to depilate your thighs. Most likely, it will be possible..

And what does this issue look like in the case of small scars that arose, for example, after ingrown hairs or after acne? In many cases, they will not constitute a contraindication to carry out the procedure. However, this does not change the fact that the skin must be assessed by a trained laser therapist. That is why we once again appeal – choose a proven laser hair removal clinic. Here it is not only about the great effect and your comfort during the procedure, but above all about your safety.

Laser hair removal and caesarean scar – summary.

Do you want to undergo laser hair removal, but you are afraid that your scar from the C section will turn out to be a contraindication? Don’t worry! Arrange a free consultation with a specialist at Envie Clinics. A laser therapist will assess the condition of your skin and conduct a medical history. On this basis, it will determine whether laser therapy is possible in your case, and if not, whether the contraindications are only temporary. It will certainly be possible to carry out a series of successful and safe treatments. 

At Envie our latest Spec 3 hybrid technology makes laser hair removal safe and effective. It is cost friendly and all areas of the body can be covered. Due it is new innovative technology of 3 wavelengths in 1 such as 755nm Alexandrite, 810nm Diode and 1064 ND Yag, this laser is most suitable and safe for all skin types whilst offering a pain free laser treatment.

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