Diode VS IPL

With many different laser hair removal machines and clinics on the market today. It can be difficult to make the decision on which technology is best suited for you and which technology will offer the most effective results.

Are you wondering if you can compare these two technologies? Are you looking for an answer to the question, what are the differences between diode laser and IPL? You’ve come to the right place! In this post we will compare two popular methods of hair removal and explain how to choose the most appropriate one.

The range of options for choosing the method of removing excessive hair is so wide that everyone will be able to choose the treatment most suitable for themselves. This applies not only to professional laser hair removal, but also to the one that can be done in the comfort of your home. Newer and newer models of IPL  regularly appear on the market. They come from different manufacturers, have different parameters and properties. How do they look in comparison with a classic diode laser? Together with our experts, we have prepared an article for you in which we will describe these two methods of hair removal. We will help you choose the best one for your skin. Which will turn out to be better? Who will win the IPL epilator – diode laser clash? Let’s find out!

Diode laser and IPL

The most frequently chosen hair removal technologies are currently diode laser and IPL epilation devices. Diode laser is probably known to everyone who has been at least a little interested in the issue of laser hair removal. Immediately after the ruby laser, it is the most commonly used in professional aesthetic clinics technology to remove unwanted hair. It can be successfully used on various surfaces of the body, both on the more pain-resistant skin of the legs and arms, as well as in the bikini area and even on the face.

IPL devices are also suitable for removing hair from different parts of the body – different sized overlays are used for this purpose. Most manufacturers put them in the kit. They have a properly selected size of windows, through which light enters the skin. The undeniable advantage offered by the IPL laser is the possibility of self-use and full freedom in choosing the time of application. Diode lasers can only be operated by staff trained for this purpose, they also require the use of special protective glasses, which during the procedure ensure the safety of our eyes.

Diode laser – the most important features

Diode laser is a combination of a safe laser with high efficiency. The source of the ray are special diodes, capable of concentrating and emitting a beam of light with a length of 810 to 940 nm. It is the second longest range laser used for epilation. It is able to achieve a depth of skin penetration of up to 2 mm, so it does not pose a threat to tissues. Diodes are extremely safe because, when used properly, they do not cause microscopic skin burns. They do not cause discoloration, and using them in most cases does not cause pain. Discomfort may occur in patients with a reduced pain threshold and when the procedure is performed on more delicate areas of the body.

Diode lasers are a type of non-ablative lasers. This means that they do not cause the evaporation of water molecules from the tissues, as is the case with CO2 fractional ablative lasers, used for intensive peeling of the epidermis. Their action is therefore based on hitting pigment particles accumulated in the hair bulb in the growth phase and causing an increase in temperature inside the hair follicle. Heat damages its structures, which causes them to die. Diode targets the melanin in the hair and the in motion actions makes diode laser hair removal safe for all skin types. The surrounding skin is unaffected with the laser beam unlike other wavelengths such as IPL which has a much lower wavelength.

What is an IPL laser?

A dozen or so years ago, it was almost unthinkable that anyone without proper training could use a laser for epilation. Let alone have it at home! Technology has changed so much that now everyone can buy their own device and perform light hair removal on their own. Probably many of you are wondering what IPL is. The abbreviation stands for Intense pulse light. Unlike a classic laser, IPL uses a wide spectrum of light with different wavelengths. This means that the device generates unconcentrated light energy that reaches a larger area of tissue, including hair follicles. IPL beams are completely safe, they have too little power to cause a burn. On more sensitive surfaces, they can cause a feeling of gentle pinching, but this does not involve the need to use anesthetic creams.

The tips included in the kit are equipped with special filters that determine to which structures in the skin the generated light reaches. Intense pulsed light can be used not only for epilation, but also for the therapy of small skin lesions. Thus, the difference between laser devices and IPL devices is that the former use a concentrated beam of light with a constant wavelength at a given moment, and home hair removal devices use scattered light of much lower power. Does this mean that they are less effective? Unfortunately, yes,as a shorter wavelength in the visible light spectrum makes them visible to the eye. Another downside is the range of surfaces on which you will be able to use the IPL device yourself. You will not be able to reach everywhere, as well as not every surface will be visible to you during exposure.

Diode laser or IPL – what to choose?

There is no universal answer to the question of whether a diode laser or IPL is better – it all depends on what your expectations are for epilation. The IPL laser is a device designed for home use. It will be a good solution for people who do not like visits to beauty salons or who lack time to visit an aesthetic clinic. However, it should be remembered that IPL lasers only weaken the hair, and do not cause their complete elimination. Only with regular irradiation of the skin will the hair slowly begin to lose its hardness and coloration. Typically, at least 8 sessions are necessary to see significant effects. Hair weakness usually lasts up to half a year, after this time it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

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For people who want to forget about excessive hair for many years, the right choice will be professional epilation, for example using a diode laser. Only such devices have the ability to permanently destroy the hair follicle, and thus – prevent the hair from growing again. Depending on the skin tone and the intensity of the hair coloration, the number of sessions needed varies between 3 and 6. Sessions are performed with an interval of about six weeks. Their use requires a visit to an aesthetic medicine salon, but the effects of use are visible almost immediately. Also, the effects of using a diode laser last incomparably longer than in the case of an IPL device.

As you can see, the diode laser hair removal and the IPL laser are significantly different from each other. This applies not only to the methodology of operation, but also to the durability of the effects that their use brings. If you need long-term peace from removing unnecessary hair, lasting up to several years, you should certainly bet on diode laser hair removal. If you still have doubts after reading our text, we will be happy to tell you how diode laser and IPL differ from each other. We invite you to contact our experts and one of our offices. You will be able to try diode hair removal on your own skin!

At Envie our latest Spec 3 hybrid technology makes laser hair removal safe and effective. It is cost friendly and all areas of the body can be covered. Due it is new innovative technology of 3 wavelengths in 1 such as 755nm Alexandrite, 810nm Diode and 1064 ND Yag, this laser is most suitable and safe for all skin types whilst offering a pain free laser treatment.

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