Cellulite – facts to check!

Cellulite is an aesthetic defect. It is formed mainly in the area of the hips, buttocks and thighs. Due to the cause of the occurrence, two types of it are distinguished – water and fat. Cellulite can be reduced. There are different ways to do this.

Cellulite, commonly known as orange peel, and professionally lipodystrophy, is an ailment that affects thousands of women. Although this is mainly a problem for women, men can also get cellulite. Orange peel is formed as a result of improper distribution and excessive deposition of fat and/or water under the skin tissue. As a consequence, visible thickening is formed on the body. There are many reasons for the formation of cellulite. In the fight against it, it turns out to be invaluable to know why cellulite arises at all, what they are and how to distinguish its types and what methods to counteract them.

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Types of cellulite – cellulite uneven 

Depending on the degree to which lipodystrophy affected individual parts of the body, as well as due to what caused it, water and fat cellulite are distinguished. Water cellulite is the first degree of cellulite, a milder version of it. It may (but does not have to) turn into fatty cellulite. Water cellulite appears as a consequence of imbalances in the proper flow of lymph (lymph) and blood in subcutaneous tissues. Because of this, a surplus of water resources appear in the cells, and this is manifested by subcutaneous changes. Edematous-fibrous lesions in the subcutaneous tissue are different due to the physique, therefore the hard, edematous, flaccid or mixed form of cellulite is distinguished.

Water cellulite 

Water cellulite is much less visible than fatty cellulite. Sometimes it is only after squeezing the fold of the skin that you can see the irregularities appearing on it. This type of cellulite affects women of different ages, regardless of the degree of their physical activity or weight. The first signs of water cellulite should not be ignored, but they are not always a cause for concern. The occurrence of water cellulite is largely determined by changes in the hormonal balance of the body. This means that depending on the menstrual cycle, menopause and hormonal diseases, it may intensify. The diet, which is dominated by-products rich in salt, circulatory disorders and genetic conditions, promotes the formation of cellulite. A sedentary lifestyle and the use of hormonal contraception interfere with the proper excretion of water from the body. Its excess prevents the removal of toxins, and these, along with water, form the unevenness characteristic of cellulite. Water cellulite at the beginning usually appears in the area of the calves, knees and ankles, and later on the thighs.

Fat cellulite – how does it manifest itself?

Fatty cellulite, also called lipid cellulite, is a more advanced type of cellulite. It is often a consequence of untreated water cellulite. It appears with a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet and in the event of a sudden weight loss. Fat cellulite spreads in places where more fat is naturally deposited in the body, e.g. around the buttocks. Fatty cellulite is distinguished not only by visible thickening on the skin, but also by holes. Pathological changes in the structure of adipose tissue, their hypertrophy oppresses blood vessels, disrupting normal blood circulation. Fat cellulite to some extent is only an aesthetic defect. More advanced provokes local ischemia, which is accompanied by pain.

Fat cellulite – how to get rid of it?

It is difficult to get rid of fatty cellulite, but it is possible. To fight it you need regularity. There are ways that can be applied at home. Aesthetic medicine also proposes several solutions. The most important thing in the fight against cellulite is a two-way action, i.e. both from the outside and inside.


The first step should be to change eating habits – eliminating fast food and sweets from the diet. It is important to systematically hydrate the body and enrich meals with omega fatty acids. They stimulate the metabolism of fatty tissues, which prevents the deposition of fat. It is worth including fish, nuts, natural oils and a source of fibre in the form of whole grains in the diet. An anti-cellulite diet should contain a solid dose of vitamins, primarily vitamin C.


Sport helps burn body fat and improves metabolism. Regular exercise firms the body and supports proper blood flow. Depending on your needs and physical condition, it is worth arranging your individual exercise plan. Examples are: squats (also with a load), steps with dumbbells (instead of dumbbells there may be water bottles), interval exercises and cardio workouts.

Massages, Chinese cupping and dry brushing

Massages help break down thickened body fat. Regular, performed with a trained massage therapist  can help regulate the proper flow of lymph, warm up and make the skin more elastic. . Equally effective is dry brushing. Such a massage can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom. Already 5 minutes of regular brushing visibly affects the appearance of the skin. In the case of sensitive, the frequency of massage should be observed and adjusted to the individual level of skin tolerance.


More and more in the offer of the drugstore anti-cellulite cosmetics. The cream itself, however, will not change anything radically. Cosmetics complement massage or sport. A heated body absorbs the active ingredients better and thus better moisturizes the deep layers of the skin.

Cosmetological treatments

One of the methods are cosmetological procedures. The most popular are: radio frequency, ultrasound cavitation, needle mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and fractional laser. This is quite expensive (considering that you have to undergo several series of treatments), but effective solutions. Treatments are dedicated to busy people who do not have time for regular exercise, but not only them. Many people have already given up in their fight and this is one of the most frequently chosen alternatives that they decide on. Aesthetic medicine can be the last resort, but it is worth supplementing it with various methods of combating cellulite to comprehensively deal with the problem.

Water and fat cellulite – now you know how they differ!

Having a basic knowledge of the types of cellulite and the causes of their occurrence, it is easier to fight it. However, prevention is better than cure, because the problem of cellulite recurs. Healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle and massages work wonders. If we expect quick results, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of aesthetic medicine. One of the methods is a laser, and our specialists will be happy to share their knowledge about it and how you can still deal with cellulite. We encourage you to take advantage of our advice and offer.