Forearms Laser Hair Removal

Do you have dark, long and thick hair on your forearms? Maybe you feel self conscious when wearing short sleeves? If you are wondering how to tackle the problem, find out more about hand laser hair removal, which eliminates up to 95% of hair follicles!

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Effective hand hair removal – how does it work?

Hand laser hair removal consists of the elimination of excessive hair from the forearms – from wrists to elbows. The dark, thick, and even stiff hair on the area of hands appears as a result of the elevated level of testosterone. Diode laser hair removal – in contrast with other methods of hair removal from the area of hands – give the permanent effect of the smooth skin.

Hand laser hair removal  is gentle for the skin. It has a cooling function which makes the procedure comfortable  and cost effective – the laser removes the hair permanently, so you save time and money.

During laser hair removal the beams of light are absorbed by the cells producing melanin – dark hair contains the most of this. During painless laser hair removal, hair follicles together with roots are treated. The result is that hair will not grow back.

*Disclaimer: results after these treatments might differ from person to person


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